I have enjoyed three decades in journalism. The first decade was spent as a music journalist contributing to many market leading titles including Muzik, Mixmag, Arena and Select. Since 1997, thanks to the welcome arrival of my daughter, my creative horizons broadened considerably. These days, befitting of my new found maturity, I run the journalistic gamut from the socio-political to popular culture. I've examined the dangers of breast implants and the disaster that has been the Child Support Agency. I've reflected on a multi-cultural experience and the joys of celibacy. I've looked at bingo wins and gun crimes, Bratz dollz and bad manners. And much, much more. I write about the things that interest me. This, I am reliably informed, makes for interesting and lively copy. I can produce copy for most anything but I tend to gravitate towards psychology, society, humour, real life stories, comment and opinion.

Over the last decade or so, I have increasingly found myself addressing issues of social inequality for national and international media.  

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Examples of Published Articles

Sunday Express: Savile Is Only The Tip Of The Iceberg
Daily Mail: The Paralympics celebrate the strength of disabled people - as do all the protests that accompany it
Daily Mail: Empathise with Julian Assange by all means Mr. Galloway, but don't diminish sexual assault while you are doing it
Daily Mail: So much is wrong about London 2012 but it isn't the athletes, they are the stars of the show
Daily Mail: Will Ed Miliband stick up for the sick and disabled?
Daily Mail: Clare's Law is designed to protect men and women but it wouldn't have saved me 
Daily Mail: Yes Prime Minister, London 2012 Olympics will generate billions of profit...but for business not people
Daily Mail: M.E. is comparable to AIDS - why do we still say it's 'all in the mind'?
Daily Mail: The death penalty has no place in civilised society...when will America abolish it?
Daily Mail: It's true that Cameron and Osborne are out of touch - when will they also be out of office?
Daily Mail: Why are we so surprised that children are addicted to porn? That's the world they live in.
Daily Mail: Thousands of British children are taken into care each year. When are we going to invest in prevention rather than cure?
Daily Mail: 18 Certificate on some pop videos? When it comes to child sexualisation, every little helps!
Daily Mail: The Coalition want people with mental health issues to get working...what jobs would that be, then?
Daily Mail: The knives are out for David Cameron, he should watch his back.
Daily Mail: British people are committing suicide to escape poverty. Is this the States final solution?
Daily Mail Suicide training in job centres? Cancer patients scrubbing floors? Welcome to Cameron's Brave New World
Daily Mail: Of course the police fail rape victims, but so does the rest of society
Daily Mail: Children in care are still vulnerable to widespread abuse, when is the law going to protect them?
Daily Mail: Soup kitchens and food banks - has Britain returned to the poverty of the 1930's?
Daily Mail: The BMA want independent counselling for those considering abortion. Yes, but who is going to be giving that advice?
Daily Mail: Staffing the Diamond Jubilee with unpaid workers was not work experience but exploitation
Daily Mail: Set alight in her care home bed, Edith Stuart deserves justice. But will she get it?
Daily Mail: Oh dear Dave, now GPs have turned against you. Time for an exit strategy on disabled policy, perhaps.
Daily Mail: The Coalition have ploughed millions into a parenting website, but its practical not virtual help that we need.
Daily Express: Children must be protected 
Daily Express: Shame of our 'care' homes
Daily Express: Should the lottery winning bus drivers have finished their job first?
Daily Express: Understanding childhood grief, I still miss my Mum to this day 
Daily Express: Many People Were Complicit in Savile's Silence
Daily Express: Why I am happy to confess all 
Daily Express: Paedophile MPs are mocking the law
Daily Express: Sport's losing out to bullies