This Fighting Fund is designed to support me through legal issues that arise as a consequence of my work as a journalist and broadcaster working to expose corruption and injustices and raising awareness to matters of public interest. Thank you.


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UPDATE: May 9, 2021
'The Hearing'

I can’t believe it’s a week since the High Court hearing regarding my case involving an ex-MP. I’m still shell-shocked by proceedings. 

In particular, how much was said in open court about what has happened to me, and those around me including those who hire me and those who legally represent me, by an ex-MP and his associates.

There was the email the ex-MP sent to my former solicitor (and described by the judge as ‘troubling’) which the ex-MP’s own barrister said: “talks about what he can do in terms of adversely affecting prospects” regarding my former solicitor’s political career. There was the issue of my pregnant barrister quitting three hours after she was directly threatened and a video that contained an ‘implicit threat’ to me. And these were just for starters. 

Many people tweeting struggled to believe what had been happening regarding me over the last few months. 

From my perspective, I felt personally vindicated. 

I even felt if the whole proceedings stopped there I would be able to live with it given HOW MUCH was said in open court.

Of course, others did not come out of it so well. No wonder at least one of the people involved claimed he wasn't staying for the hearing. Who would want to hear that sort of stuff about themselves revealed to the general public? Must be excruciating.

For my part, it’s a weird thing to hear yourself and your work being discussed in the High Court and to be scrutinised to the degree that I heard at the hearing. Mostly, I was happy with it. There were basic things I would’ve corrected but nothing that cannot wait until a full trial. 

Fact is, despite how my enemies seek to portray me, I have been reminded by my supporters how proud I am of what I do - and I intend to continue. I just needed some time out first. 

I have much more to say about the hearing and I will once the appropriate legal stages are completed. We are currently waiting for the judge – Deputy Master Bard – to give us his decision whether the ex-MP has succeeded in his application.

Which is: 1. To give him summary judgement against me in his claim that I have defamed him and 2. To strike out my harassment counterclaim against him and two of his associates.

I have always been clear. I seek a full trial so the facts can be fully revealed and examined. I believe it is in the public interest given this involves an ex-MP and a journalist who works for the public interest.

As it became clear in the hearing, I have not done the things I have been accused of. Despite the ex-MP taking to Twitter the day after the hearing and continuing to lie that I want to repeat false allegations. I certainly do not and that was not what my brilliant barrister Richard Munden was arguing for. (Who, incidentally, was utterly magnificent to watch such a pro in action. Can't fully articulate how grateful I am to you lovely people who funded such tremendous representation).

The hearing was remote and well-attended. Members of the public had come to me and I passed them to the Court Clerk who arranged access to the meeting. I am so grateful that there were all those witnesses there including journalists who are following events.  

Witnesses are important because they notice strange things like the person who was caught filming at the outset (despite it being Contempt of Court to do so) and such things like the ex-MPs barrister apparently using 'Alexa' to answer questions. We all heard that because the voice sparked into life during proceedings much to the concern of the judge and those present. 

The implications of all this and more to be explored fully at a later date. But, for now, here are some of the other things we took a way.

The Judge made it clear throughout that there were issues arising from both the claim and counter claim that were unsuitable for summary judgement and strike out and, in fact, he told us at the end of the hearing that he ‘was minded’ to give us his judgement there and then and give us the reasons why later. He asked our legal representatives to consult with us about what we would prefer.

Turned out it was one of the few things that the ex-MP and I agree on and we both chose to have the answer and reasons at the same time. Deputy Master Bard said it would be 2-3 weeks.

So, for now, this update is more of a ‘hello, I survived that and my mind has been blown by what I have witnessed and experienced’.

I also want to continue to send thanks to everyone who has helped me by donating, by sending supportive words, by posting public support, by tweeting (Object! – the campaign group – live tweeted the hearing all day in a stunning and committed fashion), by being at the hearing, by reporting on it and having the details be known. All of it helps a person when they have felt under siege. 

Throughout this dispute, my opponents have tried to intimidate me with the fact that the ex-MP is a millionaire. I have been repeatedly warned to ‘give up’ ‘quit’ or be ‘overwhelmed’ due to my lack of funds. They told me this in blogs, they told me this in videos and they told me this in emails.

In fact, at the hearing, the ex-MP’s barrister tried to use my Fighting Fund - the one many of you donated to - against me. (I was shocked. Not). He said it was a campaign based on the truth - which was apparently problematic. Well, yeah, duh. That’s our thing around here. As much of an issue as it may be to some.  

To be clear, my Fighting Fund is not – and never was – just about this current case. I explained at the beginning that it was about establishing a legal fund that would protect me as my work tackling injustices became even more well-known, my enemies became even more powerful and what I stand for became even more troubling for some people. 

So, yes, so much more to say. It was a truly eventful hearing including the judge making clear that he had issues with the ex-MP emailing him at 5.30am on the morning of the hearing with videos and irrelevant quotes about me. (“Not an altogether desirable course of action”). Moves like that don’t impress judges and it tells the rest of us so much more about the people involved. 

So, thank you all. I appreciate you for getting me this far. My fund is ongoing. Details are below. As soon as news comes through about the judge's decision, I will update you. Have a great day!

UPDATE - April 28, 2021

What an experience and a journey this is.

In recent times, I’ve seen some of the worst of humanity and some of the best.

When I launched my Fighting Fund at the start of this month (see post below), I did it with great fear and trepidation. 

To make such personally sensitive issues so public, was hard to do. It made me feel vulnerable.

And you know what? 

I’m glad I did it. The response has been amazing. It touched me deeply - and that has empowered me.

I really needed that strength and particularly given all the constant moving parts that are going on around me and involving me.

Here's one example.

This Friday I have a remote hearing. It is in the High Court and is open to the public.

An ex-MP is suing me for defamation (which I deny) and I, in turn, am countersuing him for harassment - and two of his associates, too.

The ex-MP, who will be representing the Lib-Dems at the next election, hopes to be returned to Parliament.

It is his desire that we don’t have a full court trial regarding our litigation. 

His wish, and which we are opposing this Friday, is to give him a summary judgement and to also strikeout my harassment claim.

Of course I am opposing it all. 

I believe this is a matter of public interest and requires a full trial so that the facts can be fully examined.

As an ex-MP, with the aim of being an MP again, and, I, as a journalist who reports on corruption and abuse within the British Establishment, I can’t see how it can’t be in the public interest not to have a full trial involving two people who are in the public eye. That is transparency and we need that more than ever these days. 

But these things are not up to me. 

All we can do is the best we can - and trust that whatever the outcome, I am exactly where I am meant to be.

Now here’s the great stuff. That Fighting Fund I launched, and to which many of you were able to respond....  

Well, thank you. I mean that with bells on. 

It has changed so much for me, including much that I can’t even talk about right now - but I will. 

But it means the Sun, Moon, Earth and Stars to me. And anything else of great worth you might want to fling in.

I’m a ‘jobbing journalist’. My income comes in and it goes straight back out again. 

I have not become financially wealthy from doing my work and that is fine by me. It is not my priority to have excess money. 

The only thing about money is you are forced to realise the importance of it when your problem is one that money can help to resolve. Such as, for example, being able to secure fantastic representation. 

I’ve had the absolute pleasure of being able to take guidance from Richard Munden of 5RB who will be representing me at the hearing. To be clear. When it comes to barristers - and particularly defamation, harassment and data – 5RB is right there at the top of the legal food chain. Including representing JK Rowling, Meghan Markle, Wayne Rooney and so many others.  

And Richard, in such a short period of time, has gone above and beyond to assist me. I feel blessed and appreciative.

That level of expertise, given everything that has been going on around me, is the type of representation I need.

So much to say, so much that has to be held off for now.

But somethings are vital to gratitude for the financial donations, the wonderful emails, messages, tweets and inbox messages is beyond mere words. 

People coming together to show me what my work means is one of the most heartwarming experiences I’ve had in years. 

It actually gave me light when much around me seemed troublingly dark and sinister. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

My Fighting Fund is ongoing because it has to be. 

If I’ve learnt anything over the last few months it’s that if you are to be in with even a winning shout of justice, you have to find a way to fund it. I refused to launch a crowdfunder, or similar, because as previously explained it would certainly be attacked and probably closed down. 

Instead, I gratefully receive donations to the following:

PayPal (details above)

SV Poulton


Account No. 03215652

Sort Code 20-25-25

The IBAN is: GB64 BUKB 20252503215652

When it comes to support, I must again say thank you to Brand New Tube who have been incredible.

I have done two seasons of my Friday night livestream - The Raw Report - produced by them and their kindness and support in this has been brilliant. Beyond brilliant. Out of this World. I love those people and will repay their kindness and support. 

And then there is you. Helping me out. In all sorts of ways. From financial, physical and material to psychological and emotional. 

Stuff like that keeps people going. Thank you, dearly.  

APRIL 6TH 2021

Hello –

As many know, I have temporarily pulled back from my journalistic and broadcasting work.

This is primarily for two reasons:

1.     Because I am currently being sued by two men (including an ex-MP) and I am suing three men for harassment (the ex-MP on a counterclaim with two associates included) and I need time to prepare.

2.     Because of the stress caused to my health.

This post is not about the current cases because they are live proceedings and I do not wish to harm that in any way. 

I want to proceed to full trial so the truth may be heard.

This page is about reaching out to protect myself and the work I do in the long term. 

It is about establishing a Fighting Fund to protect and defend me over the coming years.

I have to be careful what I write, but it is a fact that some of my enemies - and I have quite a few these days - are relentlessly targeting me. I am watched 24-7. This is not an exaggeration but a frightening reality.

It is scary and creepy and the police are failing to protect me from those who have expressed an intention to cause harm to me.

Even with evidence I have been left vulnerable and forced to protect myself.

The facts behind these words will become evident over the coming weeks and months.

If you feel inclined to contribute, please do so above. Any amount helps and is appreciated.


More of what has been going on...

It is not just the police I am repeatedly reported to, but to private individuals and their advisors. 

A number of complaints have been sent to Carter Ruck, for one example.

Carter Ruck, for those who don’t know, is the powerful UK libel lawyers who famously represent Kate and Gerry McCann.

My enemies work hard contacting anyone they feel may have an interest in suing and pursuing me at home and abroad. 

They contact my livestream guests and smear me with the aim of having people pull out. 

They contact people who have hired me and they lie and threaten them into dropping me.

The desperation to harm me - and in a multitude of ways - is obvious to all who have come back to tell me what has happened behind my back. It has gone on for too long and it must stop. I am now prepared to fully fight back.

It has been an onslaught - mental, emotional and physical - but I am still here.


I have been supported throughout the current legal challenge by the remarkable people at Brand New Tube, I am overwhelmed by what they have done for me. I have worked with them for less than a year but they have shown more loyalty than companies I have worked with for a decade.

BNT is a young, British-based video sharing platform that was launched in May 2020 with the express aim of giving a voice to those who were denied such by Big Tech - and particularly by the totalitarian You Tube.

BNT launched and the development was underway when they approached me to co-host a weekly livestream – and then it all kicked off.

Some of my enemies - aware that I had found a new platform - targeted BNT, too.

In the last few months BNT have been to hell and back.

All of it will come out in due course.

BNT is made up of individuals who have put themselves on the line.

I can’t thank them enough. They have proven to be unique in the cutthroat media world I inhabit.

They are unusual in this and the platform must be protected.


I am proud of The Raw Report – our Friday night livestream on Brand New Tube.

We have just completed the second series and the buzz grows week on week.

Our guests are engaging, varied and come from all walks of life from Hollywood actors to activists campaigning to protect brutalised young people. It’s about people who put their heads above parapets. Regardless of the personal cost.

I believe there is nothing out there like it and we will continue to develop it – despite obstacles aimed to stop us.

We will return for a third series shortly.


For three decades I have been on television and radio but, as I became increasingly questioning of mainstream agendas and narratives, I have found myself at odds with those who run mainstream media.

To stay in mainstream media you must not rock the boat. You must conform regardless. I can’t do that. I was made to rock boats. Besides, staying in mainstream media is not my goal – telling the truth is.

The type of journalism I do is not a money spinner. I’ve not grown rich from this and neither do I desire to. 

I’m not in this for the money or for popularity or social media likes. My work means something to me. 

I do not create clickbait content or seek to glorify survivors of sex abuse or to make money off the back of misery.

I do my work because I hope to even up the odds for people who routinely do not have a voice.

But it is my lack of funds to defend myself that my growing list of enemies hope will deny me justice. 

I will fight tooth and nail not to fall into that trap.

In 2021 telling the truth as a journalist is an occupational hazard that many now choose to avoid. Not me. I can’t.

I am proud to have stuck my neck out over the years about many topics including the contaminated blood scandal, cruel welfare reforms, dismantling of the NHS, establishment corruption, child abuse.

And, as many know, I have also been prepared to challenge the big stories be that the disappearance of Madeleine McCann or investigating the rumours of paedophiles within the British Establishment.

(Which, while I’m on it, please seek out and download my documentaries before they are subject to further attack and possible deletion. There is an ongoing campaign to close my You Tube channel which contains them.

Most notably ‘The McCanns and the Police’, ‘Madeleine McCann: Public Relations & Saving Reputations’, ‘Paedophiles in Parliament 2018’, ‘Drag Queen Story Hour: Child Grooming in Plain Sight?’, ‘UK Politics: Did a Paedophile Influence Children’s Policies?’ ‘The Business of Cancer’ and more).

People sometimes say to me “I don’t agree with you on everything, but I agree with you about this.”

Whatever ‘this’ is, it’s enough. We don’t have to agree on everything; indeed it would be slightly creepy if we did, but as long as we agree on the important things then that’s enough.

Sometimes I make errors, I’m human but I am quick to clear them up when there is proof that I am wrong. Unfortunately, others seek to punish me in disproportionate ways and to manipulate circumstances to do so.


I have found myself in a place where multiple things are happening and are designed to harm and distress me.

The extent of behind-the-scenes manipulations mean that not only would I be unable to carry on my journalistic work but my word would count for little. Just as some want it.

Yes there really are people out there, some in powerful organisations, who want to silence and discredit me. 

And you know why? Because my reputation is too good for their liking. They fear that people listen to me.

The reality is my life and work have become hazardous and I need an ongoing fighting fund just to survive it.

It’s not in my nature to ask for help, I am particularly bad at it. But needs must.

I worry about the implications of public contributions knowing my enemies will try to use it against me, but I can’t care what people who want to harm me think given that their stated aims are to bankrupt me, see me imprisoned and destroy my good reputation.

The reality is I’ve reached a place where I have no alternative.

As my name has become more synonymous with fighting against injustices, my enemies have become more powerful and embedded within the British Establishment. Not all. Some are merely foot soldiers, but dangerous and meddling ones.

This is where you may come in...

What I am facing is not a fight I can take on alone, I need to reach out to those who value what I do.

This is a request in two parts.

1.     A Fighting Fund

2.     Your Words of Support

This Fighting Fund started because a very kind supporter emailed me and insisted I give her my account details so she could contribute to my legal fees. I was reluctant. Nonetheless, I admitted to her I needed help and she generously did just that.

It means the world to me.  But not everyone can afford to do that and neither should anyone feel any pressure to do so.

So, only contribute if:  1. You can afford to and, 2. Because you believe I deserve your support.

I will not start a Go Fund Me or anything similar because my enemies will fight to close it down, this is the reality.

Above you will find a link to my bank account (preferable) and PayPal account.

Which brings me to Point 2. Your Words of Support

Over the years I have received a significant volume of correspondence from people who have thanked me for covering their story, for helping them to better understand a situation they have found themselves in, or in shedding light on issues they seek to know more about.

I need people to do that now. I am here reaching out to you and saying if there was ever a time to protect my good name – and let it be known what I have done – it is now.

So, if you have a nice word to say about me and would be prepared for me to present as a series of statements (when needed) please do so and send to


This is a fight for my survival and I will do everything I can.

Yes, it’s that serious.

I'm sorry to be so vague about what is happening but it will soon become apparent why the need to be careful.

This is unprecedented for me but then unprecedented times require unprecedented measures.

I am under no illusion that 2021 is the year that ‘they’ have come for me. And I need help.

I am prepared to break the habit of a lifetime to reach out for it.

Thank you.

Sonia Poulton

April 6, 2021